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A perfect solution for our customers so you can avoid using the postal service or any larger delivery company in New Orleans. Louisiana Express Delivery offers a new home delivery service to the Greater New Orleans area. Why go through the hassle of having to leave the house to head over to a distribution center to drop off the package plus waiting on those long lines. Our service can come pick up the package for you and deliver it to the destination the same day. Where can you find any service as expedient as that in New Orleans?

We can handle any sized package or item as long as it fits within our compact delivery van among Our Vehicles. Our van can handle up to 1600 pounds total payload. Keep in mind, our Special Offer for $19.95 only covers small packages and envelopes within the certain service area. Contact us if you are unsure if your delivery qualifies for our special offer.

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  • Small Packages
  • Large Packages

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Most Trusted Home Delivery Service in New Orleans

home delivery service

For years, we have been providing a quality service for our customers delivering their packages all over Louisiana. That’s why we are the most trusted home delivery service in New Orleans. Often times, we run into a demand for same day delivery service! A home delivery service is nothing more than a customer needing an expedited delivery to be taken care of for them that day. We can even schedule a day for it to be delivered as well. The options are endless! Of course, additional fees may apply if not within the Greater New Orleans area.

Have a peace of mind knowing you can rely on Louisiana Express Delivery to handle all of your home delivery service New Orleans needs. Give our friendly staff a call to schedule your next home delivery and let us do the driving for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often have a few questions when it comes to their delivery and pick up from their home. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions to better assist you. Call our office for any additional questions and to schedule a delivery.

We have a fleet of vehicles to accommodate all of your home delivery needs. With different sized delivery vehicles, we can handle small to large packages.

The cost of the delivery depends on time sensitive constraints, size of package and delivery as well as pick up location. Contact us for a more detailed quote.

Yes, we deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional costs may be associated for holidays, weekends and outside of normal business hour deliveries.

It’s easy, just give us a call to discuss the details of your delivery. We will schedule a pick up time and delivery time according to your needs.

Yes, we guarantee a safe and on-time delivery, every time.