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A local expert in documents delivery with anything from envelopes to small packages for businesses to resident customers.

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Looking for a reliable document delivery service? Louisiana Express Delivery can handle that for you with no problem. Since 1998, we have been providing document services to a vast array of businesses for their courier service needs for documents and smaller packages. Everything from lawyers to doctors to corporate firms and in between, we have been their reliable source for a document delivery service. Above all, most of the time our document delivery service is coupled with our medical delivery service for patient care and medications.

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Most Trusted Document Courier Service in New Orleans

Documents Delivery Service

With just a phone call away, we are your trusted source for a document courier service in New Orleans. Our professional couriers can handle all of your sensitive documents our for delivery. Whether its notarized documents, title documents, legal documents or corporate documents; we can safely transport everything in between to your final destination. Rest easy knowing our company is ready to assist in a quick turnaround for those time sensitive documents. Above all, we are your premier document courier service in New Orleans ready to assist any way we can. Let us make your life easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often have a few questions when it comes to their documents delivery and pick up locations. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions to better assist you. Call our office for any additional questions and to schedule a delivery.

We have professional drivers and couriers to handle any type and size of document. Our drivers are trained in sensitive document transportation and undergo extensive background checks as well as drug screens.

The cost of the delivery depends on time sensitive constraints, size of package and delivery as well as pick up location. Contact us for a more detailed quote.

Yes, we deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional costs may be associated for holidays, weekends and outside of normal business hour deliveries.

It’s easy, just give us a call to discuss the details of your delivery. We will schedule a pick up time and delivery time according to your needs.

Yes, we guarantee a safe and on-time delivery, every time.